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NYC Actions

5C - Solidarity Center
147 W. 24th St. 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10011
btw 5th & 6th Av.
F, M train to 23th St.; #1 to 23rd St.; PATH to 23rd St.; A, C, E to 23rd St.

You are invited to a Forum
THURS *AUG 21 @ 7 pm

The Racist Militarization of Ferguson

Hear Larry Hales, contributing editor for Workers World newspaper

Eyewitness Updates from Ferguson

 PVN Video 
When people are occupied resistance is justified

Footage of Aug. 18 NYC demonstration by Mike Otto and Sue Harris
Edited  by Sue Harris

After Donetsk blockade
What next for Ukraine's anti-fascist resistance?

Hear Greg Butterfield, contributing editor for Workers World newspaper

Dinner served at 6:30 pm for a small donation
Program starts at 7 pm

At the Solidarity Center:
147 West 24th St, 2nd Floor, New York

Sponsored by Workers World Party

Send A Message to the 1%:
Raise Our Wages!
$15 & A UNION NOW!
Stop the War on Workers & the Poor!

 Attend the Assembly Against Poverty 

WED*OCT 8 @ 4 PM
in front of the
Radio City Music Hall
50th St. and 6th Ave

The royalty of Wall Street and the leaders of the global corporate establishment will be attending THE WORLD BUSINESS FORUM (WBF). Paying two thousand dollars per seat, The WBF, the biggest of all the meetings of the 1%, will bring some 5000 chief executive officers, and heads of the fortune 500 corporations and banks to Radio City Music Hall on Oct. 7 and 8.

These are the 1% who make the decisions to lay off workers in mass, bust unions and keep the wages that ordinary workers take home as low as possible. The Theme of the World Business Forum is "Provocateurs: Open your mind to thinking differently". The theme is merely a cover for what this mega-meeting of the 1% has on its mind. Their real agenda is to come up with more creative ways to shed workers, pay workers as little as possible, bust unions, destroy the environment, destroy communities, plunder the world, and make the 99% poorer; all out of their insatiable quest for bigger profits.

The goal of THE ASSEMBLY AGAINST POVERTY outside will be to provoke thinking about how hard it is to live on $8 an hour, and how frightening it is to lose your job and your home, how social and economic inequality is devastating the 99% while the 1% get richer and richer. Let's remind the rich folks at this meeting that low-wage workers can't live on poverty wages. Workers need at least need $15 an hour, and a union now.

The Assembly Against Poverty, scheduled for 4 PM Wed., Oct. 8, will coincide with the World Business Forum's keynote speech by former head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Ben Bernacke. Remember him? He's the guy who decided it was more important to bail out Wall Street, than working and poor people. 

The Assembly Against Poverty will feature low-wage workers; homeless people; unemployed young workers; women who make up the majority of low wage workers; retirees who are having their pensions drastically cut or destroyed; people with disabilities; immigrants who are forced to live in the shadows; LGBTQ workers and all whose lives have been made unbearable by the 1%.

Initiating Groups
Peoples Power Assembly
International Working Women's Coalition
NY Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights
Laundry Workers Center
Chris Silvera, IBT Local 808
Parents to Improve School Transportation ( PIST)
Community Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services ( CLUPJS)
East Harlem /EL Barrio Community Action( EHECA)
Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST)
International Action Center

Yes, I would like to endorse the OCT 8 Assembly Against Poverty
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